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I have sold jeans, mainframes for IBM and I have been a communications director for a multinational. I am an avid yoga practitioner (out of necessity maybe…stressed? me?), I love to travel, the great outdoors and movies. I am blessed to be the mother of girl and boy twins now teenagers, Malek and Alizée. I’m also a dog mom to my two portuguese water dogs, Rio and Shelby, which I adore. All this with the love of my life for the last 28 years, my beautiful gorgeous husband (and firestarter), Lionel.

I wrote an entire book about Camping and outdoors cooking, but … it’s all in French. So thought we’d finally open up the campfire to our English speaking peeps.

As long as I can remember I have loved to cook. I cook all types of food from all over the world! About ten years ago we got a fabulous Airstream trailer and started camping (should probably call it… glamping). We initially bought a small Big Green Egg. It was heavy and bulky but fun to cook with.

The thing about camping is that you often have a fire going and what was happening was that I found myself using that fire way more often to cook than my Egg. So we ditched the BBQ and got ourselves a grill to put on top of the fire. The rest is history!

This site is all about cooking with fire. Whether it be using a fire pit (like the ones we see on campsites), wood burning pizza ovens (not just for great pizza, you know!), Kamado or Kudu grills. I even did some cooking in a French country kitchen, in the heart of Brittany!

I hope you enjoy playing with fire as much as I do! Have a great time and be safe!

With love

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